*NEW* Throne Cycles – The Goon – 29″ – Pac – Man….LIMITED…


Throne Cycles proudly presents its latest collaboration with PAC-MAN – the 29″ BMX bike that’s a true tribute to the classic arcade game! This bike beautifully blends that retro charm with Throne Cycles’ top-notch features for a fantastic limited-edition collectible bike.

The bike’s design is a vibrant nod to the iconic PAC-MAN arcade game, featuring striking yellows, blues, and blacks that make it stand out. With PAC-MAN graphics and logos all over, from the padded seat’s maze print to the characters and ghosts, you’ll feel like you’ve jumped right into the game!

But it’s not just about looks – this bike means business. Sporting disc brakes and responsive Throne The Goon geometry, it’s built for handling wildin’ tricks. Riders of any skill level can hop on and feel the thrill, whether they’re reliving that ’80s arcade nostalgia or simply Running The Streets in absolute style. Get ready to chase those ghosts or race through the maze with this awesome PAC-MAN 29″ BMX bike by Throne Cycles!