Mayhem Scooters – Electric – Black


This high-performance scooter is a great tool of enjoyment made perfectly to suit your needs and packed with features. With speeds up to 10 mph, this scooter is ideal for short commutes whether it be for city or school commutes. The stem and footplate are made using a beautiful aluminum alloy material making sure it’s strong all while still remaining in remarkable condition. A folding handle is placed right under the stem making this scooter very much portable and easy to carry. At the very top is an instant LED display which lets you see your speeds and battery life in real-time! Great grip on the handlebar allows you to never feel any unpleasant tensions in your hands while riding. The charging port and power switch are featured directly in-between the handlebar. A light-controlled lamp is right at the front of the scooter allowing safe and easy riding even during dark hours. A dual brake system has been implemented, giving you an electromagnetic and a mechanical brake. Both of these working together will ensure your safety while in use. Vibrations are reduced completely with the concealed yet highly effective shock system allowing your ride experience to be a comfortable one. The 6-inch solid rubber tire placed over the wheels makes riding fell even more relaxing, instead of making it a chore. So if you’re looking for the perfect combination of fashion, portability, and leisure, this device is without a doubt the very best choice. Battery Included.

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