Mafia Bikes Lucky 6 Bicycle – STB – Blue – 29″ – Medium

Original price was: $1,499.99.Current price is: $1,299.99.

The long wait is over. The STB and STB-R are finally returning to our shores after the bicycle supply chain disruptions reeked havoc on the world.

The ethos is the same, STB (Street Terrain Bike), designed for mashing the streets at effortless velocity, be that on one-wheel or two!

Designed from the ground up utilising the latest technology, proven geometry and our own hydro formed alloy tubing. Zero compromise, zero frills, zero bullshit. Designed for work.

We’re sorry it took so long, but sometimes the best things are worth waiting for..

The STB/R Lucky6 was designed to make you FEEL GOOD