2022 NS Bikes Movement 3 – 26″ – White


The Movement’s heart is the lightweight alloy frame with oversized tubes. It’s designed to let you send, higher and faster than ever. The dialed geometry that has evolved over the years is identical to the legendary Decade frames. The Movement 3 is the most affordable bike in the range and could be your first proper dirt bike. Rest assured; the nice price doesn’t mean you will be losing out on any fun. This is one hell of an exhilarating ride. The bike is built on the same frame as the rest of the Movement range and fitted with the tough RST Dirt SD fork. Tubular chromoly cranks from SALT, the BMX specialists and a micro drivetrain complement the character of the Movement 2. This bike is a great option for anyone wanting to learn the basics of dirt jumping and will be a perfect pump track shredder too.