Tips To Have Better Resale Value For Your Bike

Today’s second-hand market is just as competitive and dynamic as traditional retailing markets. No matter what you are trying to sell, whether it is an old jacket, tires, or your bike, it is important to follow a few tricks to get the best possible value for your goods. When it comes to selling bikes, there are many tips and tricks that can help you to get a great price.


This one is a no brainer! Ever wondered why some new bikes look like they have been out of a flea market while some older bike looks new? It is natural for consumers to gravitate towards products that look new even if it is reused stuff. If you are looking to sell your bike, the first thing to do to get a great starting offer is to get the bike cleaned and oiled so that it seems like a ‘good buy’ for a prospective customer.

Avoiding damage in the first place

You may already know that you are looking to sell your bike at some point. Why not care about it right from the beginning? Although the joy of riding your bike on muddy roads and puddles is a fun thing, dirt and mud can be seriously detrimental to your bike’s resale value. For starters, they cause plenty of issues with your BMX bike’s moving parts and are likely to jam them up eventually. It is best to avoid riding your bike on muddy roads. Avoid letting your BMX bike stay out for a long time while it is raining.

Lean and clean

Many modern bikes do not have a kickstand. When it comes to leaning them, many people are not sure about what to do. It is best to avoid scratches and dents on your BMX bike by practising proper leaning techniques. You have to make sure that contact is avoided with any part of the BMX frame and softer areas of a bike are instead leaned against a wall.

Regular maintenance

Whether you are trying to use the bike yourself or planning to resell it eventually, it makes sense to have your bike maintained regularly. Frequently getting your bike cleaned, oiled and checked for moving parts is a must. Not only will it ensure that your biking experience is enhanced, but will also ensure a good resale price for your bike. By regularly updating, polishing and upkeeping your bike parts, you can also evade costly maintenance and repairs, especially when the time comes for you to sell your bike.


Before putting down your bike for selling, it is important to check what it is valued for. Quoting the right price for your bike is a must if you want to make a profitable deal out of it. Research on your bike and understand what the value of your bike is on the aftermarket. You can also visit Sam’s BMX Shop to learn more about your bike’s value.

Whether it is selling BMX bikes, dealing with BMX frames or BMX parts, Sam’s BMX Shop can help you to get answers for all your queries and questions related to bikes. Talk to our associates today to find out how we can help you to get a great resale value for your bike.

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