How to Remove and Install Your BMX Chain

As with all things that are heavily used, wear and tear is expected in some way. The chain of your BMX bike is no exception. While replacing it can seem like a daunting task that should be left to the professionals, it’s nothing to fear. In reality, it’s quite easy to change your BMX chain. All you’ll need is some chain lube, a chain breaker, the bike chain itself and this guide.

Remove the Old Chain

In order to put a new chain on your bike, you’ll need to get rid of the old one. To do this, loosen the axle nut until the chain starts sagging. The use the chain breaker to… well, break the chain. Insert the chain into the breaker, placing it into the correct slot before tightening the breaker’s handle. Push the connecting pin out enough so the chain comes apart (avoid pushing it out altogether). Remove the old chain from the bike and it’s time to move on.

Inspect the Cassette and Chainring

Before installing the new chain, it’s important to make sure all the components are in good shape. Make sure the teeth on the chainrings and cassette are symmetrical and not overly worn down. If they are, then they can damage the new chain and needs to be looked at by a professional. If all looks well, then clean the area before installing the new chain.

Measure the Chain

The new chain needs to be the correct length in order for it to function properly. To accurately determine the new chains length, grab the old one for reference. Figure out where you’ll need to break the chain by comparing the two. Matching the male and female ends of the chain together, line everything up and only break the chain on the female end using the chain breaker. Use the same method that was used to remove the old chain.

Moving to the Chain Wheel

Taking your new chain, place it on the chain wheel and snap both ends together. Using the chain breaker, take the pin from step one and push it through the connection. Make sure the end of the pin pokes out of the male link, and that both sides of the pin stick out. Remove the breaker and check that the male and female ends are tightened.

And You’re Done!

Tighten the axle nuts a bit before spinning the shranks and checking that the chain is aligned properly. Loosen the chain if it’s too tight for your liking. If all is well, then tighten the axle nuts completely and you can be on your merry way!

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