Essentials for BMX Riding for Beginners

BMX or Bicycle Motocross is a great sport for anybody to stay fit and vigilant. It originated in America in the 1970s, then rode into Britain in the early 1980s. The sport has two variations that are quite different from each other – racing and freestyle. It all started with racing and evolved as expert riders started exploring tricks, handling the bike in dexterous ways. Whichever style you choose as a beginner, there is no question that you will have a whole lot of fun. Let’s get you prepared with the essentials.

BMX Accessories for Beginners

BMX Bike

The first essential you will need is, of course, the BMX bike. Make sure you get it from a reliable BMX store. Sams BMX shop is where bike enthusiasts shop for the best bikes and bike parts. We offer a wide selection of bikes at various price points. We also specialize in custom BMX to fit your riding style and needs, once you are a little advanced in the sport. If you order online, just make sure you attach the parts together properly before riding.

Bike Size

For your first bike, choose a less expensive but sturdy bike. There are higher chances of falls and breaking the bike when you are learning. Don’t worry much about the wheel size when you’re starting out. All bikes have 20” wheels. What you need to look at is the top tube (TT). Those over 6ft tall may feel more comfortable on a bike with a 21” TT while those over 5 ft tall may want a 20” TT. Top tube length is a personal preference.

Protective Gear

BMX riding involves much more than wheeling a bike. It’s imperative to arm yourself with the right gear to ensure comfort and safety before you set out. Start the hunt only after you know which style is best suited for you: freestyle, racing or dirt jumping. Be prepared to fall off the bike, even though you take every precaution against it. Invest in a well-designed, high-quality helmet to protect yourself from head injuries. Avoid a full face helmet or it may come in the way of your vision. Get soft knee pads to protect your shins, elbow pads and gloves to prevent your hands from getting scraped in a fall. Be prepared to feel different in full safety gear than riding in your jeans and t-shirt.

Bike Repair Kit

One of the essentials that you can’t miss out on is a bike repair kit. You may need minor repairs from time to time or fix flat tires even when you practice. If you plan on travelling elsewhere with your BMX bike, make sure you have a solid bike lock. Don’t forget to carry a first aid kit and duct tape.

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