Most Memorable BMX Moments During the X-Games

The X Games are guaranteed to be thrilling every year, yet there have been some moments so memorable that they go down in X Games history. When it comes to BMX, there are some moments and events that we’ll never forget. In no particular order, here are some of our favourite BMX X Games moments.

Downhill BMX During the 2001 & 2002 X Games

Downhill BMX racing was a short lived X Games sport, but boy was it entertaining. Consisting of multiple people racing down the same hill and tackling jumps while dodging beams, it was quite the event. While everyone wanted to see the event, though, the wipeouts were pretty severe. While the event has been disbanded for almost 15 years, it ushered in new ideas as to what was possible in the world of BMX.

Anthony Napolitan, Double Front Flip, 2009 X Games

During the Mega Ramp event in 2009, Anthony Napolitan, who was new to the BMX scene, brought some big moves. Napolitan performed a double front flip, which was a move that had never been seen before. While immensely exciting to watch it did leave fans and riders concerned regarding how dangerous the sport could become.

Jay Miron, X Games 1-6

For six consecutive X Games, Jay Miron was the rider to watch. He always brought something new to the games that had never been seen before. He was the first to perform decade airs, double backflips and a 540 tailwhip. Every X Games that he was in featured a memorable moment and every new trick he did change the game.

Kevin Robinson, Double Flair, 2006

This may be the only time this trick has ever been done, even 12 years later. Performing a double backflip to a 180 while almost fourteen feet in the air seems unfathomable, yet Kevin Robinson did it. Just the courage it would take to do that trick, considering how disorienting it would be and how easy it would be to mess it up, is outrageous!

Mat Hoffman, No-Handed 900, 2002

Mat Hoffman is a legend unto himself when it comes to BMX. In 1989, he was the first person to land a 900. In the twelve years that followed, no one tried to change this already difficult trick. That was until Mat Hoffman took another shot at it in 2002 at the X Games. Hoffman did a No-Handed 900. Hoffman truly revolutionized the sport of BMX.

Ryan Nyquist, 720 Barspin, 2006

One of the most recognizable riders, Ryan Nyquist’s claim to fame is how easy and fun he makes even the most difficult tricks look. On a fantastic run back in 2006, Ryan handed a 720 barspin while on the second rotation.

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