Buying Your First Complete BMX Bike

If you are looking for a quality and complete BMX bike, you need to know what to look for in order to make the right investment for your money. There are a lot of questions to ask yourself such as: where do you start? What BMX parts do you need to look for? Out of all the options available at a BMX shop, which BMX is right for you? If you are first timer, you likely are opting to buy a complete BMX bike for sale, a bike that is already built and ready to ride, with all the parts included.

If you’re just starting out, here’s a guide to buying your first complete BMX bike.

What kind of BMX riding will you be doing?

Before you even start looking for your first BMX bike, you need to know what kind of riding you will be doing with it, because that can help narrow down your options. There are several different disciplines within BMX, and there’s a custom BMX made for each one. Here is a quick rundown of each one:

  • Dirt Riding: you’ll need a thicker tire tread to give extra grip on the dirt. And a majority of bike styles for dirt riding have feature breaks for extra maneuverability.
  • Park/Vert Riding: if you’re riding on a skate park or ramps, you’ll want a lighter bike with a thinner tread.
  • Street Riding: street bikes will be a bit heavier than the standard free style bikes because they are built to take more of a hit.
  • BMX Racing: these bikes will always have breaks, and larger sprockets than the standard BMX bike with a higher gear ratio so that the rider can have more power and speed.
  • Flatland Riding: this bike is built differently than others for slower speed tricks on smooth terrain.

Specifics to Look For When Buying a Complete BMX Bike

One of the first things to consider is how often you’re going to ride the bike. If you plan on just taking it down to a skate park every couple of weekends, a cheaper entry level bike will be sufficient enough. Regardless, here are the points to think about when looking for a complete BMX bike.

  • Sizing

This is one of the most important things. At your local BMX shop, they will measure you to determine the right frame size for your bike. BMX bikes are measured by the top tube. If you are under 5ft7”, your top tube length should be 20.25”. If you are over 6ft, you’ll be better with a tube that is 21” or over.

  • Tubing

Most entry/intermediate level bikes use a steel tubing for their BMX frame. However, if you come across one with a 4120 cromoly, you’ll have a stronger and lighter frame – this is more common on advanced bikes, but will improve the riding experience.

  • Weight

Usually, the lighter weight a bike is, the more expensive it is. But for your first time, you don’t need a super lightweight bike, just one that is light enough for you to maintain control and energy levels.

  • Breaks

A lot of BMX bikes don’t come with breaks at all, but if you are a first timer, it is recommended to at least ride with a back break.

Additional Things to Look Out For

  • Look for one with a small sprocket in the front.
  • Look for sealed bearings in your front and rear hub, bottom bracket and headset because this can help you ride smoothly for much longer.
  • Look for double wall rims on the outside of the wheel because they are more durable than single wall rims, which dent easily.

Lastly, after going through all these considerations, here comes the fun part. Give it a test drive before you buy it. There is no better way of find out whether a bike is right for you or not!

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